personality disorder treatment Marriage counselor gurgaon The marriage counselor in Delhi helps couples to improve their communication with spouse & family members.
When communicating is you perceived as loving spouse feels you are angry most of the time.

When discussing your feelings, you felt spouse is taking interest complimentary, or partner is withdrawn & judging you & being mistrustful.
What vibes are you getting from spouse positive or negative, gossipy when you shared your secrets.
Is spouse nature is mature or dependent on you or inlaws or being childish on most decisions?
When you want to do something, then the spouse is encouraging you or being unsupportive?
In marriage are you confident about love or feel insecure due to sarcastic comments by the spouse of being emotionally sensitive?
Is spouse dealing with you in a gentle way or you feel the partner is too proud of self & arrogant about your viewpoint?
As a human, you will make a mistake, so when unconsciously you have didn’t do what spouse wanted then is spouse forgiving to give you another chance or uses passive-aggressive (silent treatment).

In real from your heart, you have giving nature (personality), or you are labeled as selfish.
When communicating are you actively listening or just constant talking or thinking in different thoughts.
Is the family is courteous towards your efforts, or you are criticized most of the time.
Are you relaxed & trust spouse or feel anxious, mistrustful towards the partner.
Do you have feelings of respect towards the spouse or feels spouse is controlling, demanding?
After talking with spouse on an issue, are you happy & cheerful because you found the solution or feel negative, sadly most of the times?
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