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When wife makes more money, insecurity of husband and inlaws interference – marriage counsellor Delhi

Inlaws recommended #marriage #counseling in #Delhi for #marital #therapy. Even after 3 yrs of marriage Inlaws are intruding and interfering in marriage. Marriage #counselor in Delhi explains in #counselling how to have a happy #relationships with inlaws.
Somewhere inlaws were in a dilemma also this is why they have recommended the #marital #counselling to their son & daughter in law.

Sister in law shouted on our marriage & my wife yelled back at her. I went into depression. – Marriage Counselor Delhi explains the reason for depression is to carry on the past baggage & how to overcome the past in couples counseling.
We gave money for an operation, the study of the sister in law. – Marriage counseling Delhi explains why when doing good for the family we are expecting in return.
Because sister in law is physically not well, so we don’t say anything to her. – Marriage counselor Delhi explains even
Anytime I say something about sister in law then husband doesn’t like it. Marriage counseling helps you understand the importance of relationships & boundaries.
Wife left for three months to stay separate. – Separation & Divorce can be stopped through marriage counseling Delhi if proper steps could have been taken to keep marriage as a happy marriage.

My Mother in law used to take care of the kid, she was not working, but after wife finding the job now the issue is who is going to take care of our kid. Before she was not working she was focused on me, but after seeing the situation she is now more concerned about job, money, & house. Her goal now has become more money. Marriage counseling techniques empower you to see beyond the small stuff how inlaws who are interfering were a support system when you needed them.

After wife started making money now the child is also not getting proper attention. I have to take care of my mother as my father expired. Wife has an issue with me that we don’t have a house, her mother keeps telling her that to buy the house. My sister is disabled whose children are taken care of by my mother. I do want to take care of my mother but wife not listening. My fear is I will lose my wife, and I will lose my value in my eyes if she makes more money. She will dance for her money. I am already torn off her mother, but later she will be more influencing our life. In this case, the marriage counselor in Delhi explains it’s not a question does #couples #therapy work instead it’s husband needs to see beyond the small stuff of negativity towards his relationships.

Her mother is too involved with my wife, and she doesn’t tell her that I am taking care of her left my family for her. Marriage counselor explains how successful is marriage counseling depends on expecting of balance what you are doing for the family & what sacrifices what you are hoping them to make. Marriage counselor Delhi explains that what happened in the past this is why you had separated, but the issues remain there, there is no gratitude towards each other.

I bought a property, but that flat never got constructed by the builder. It’s not easy to buy a new house; I want her to cooperate with me. I feel her mother is brainwashing my wife against me. I admit that I was wrong in getting angry and hyper, had abused her physically. She has no respect for me. Marriage #counsellor #Delhi explains how physical abuse, fights have put the spouse in trauma, it’s not the person who is getting abused is in shock even the person abusing is also in the negative mindset, carrying the frustration of his expectations not being met. Marriage counselor Delhi helps you being a happy person as self & keeping the marriage happy by couple therapy, so instead of getting angry, the anger management is required to talk in peace & harmony.

I feel if I don’t control my wife then she is going out of my marriage. Marriage counselor Delhi explains why is there a need to control the spouse, marriage is about two individuals building a life together, building a family together. It’s not about controlling the spouse.

Now she got another opportunity for a job which will pay higher, but now I am in-secured if she starts a new role she will give money to her mother and not keep the focus on my home. Her mother says if my daughter will make money she will bring money into your home, I never married her for the job, or she will make money for me.

Marriage counselor Delhi explains it’s not about the money coming in or she going out to work, it’s about looking at the broader picture to supporting the spouse who is willing to help your own home & family.

My mother can’t take care of my kid, because she is already handling my sister kids so that it will be more trouble for me. The ego of wife will take over as she makes more money, I have no problem she working, but I need her support.
I supported her in her interview to find the job, but now she is out of my hand. Marriage counsellor Delhi explains the importance of family & how much we can give & expect from every relationship. Family as a whole to be taken in confidence, so instead of feeling burden or guilt, all can live as a happy family.
Wife approached the marriage counselor in Delhi looking for affordable marriage counseling to resolve the suffocation she was feeling in the marriage, the husband was open for affordable marriage counseling. Husband was able to see what negative thoughts he was carrying & how by changing the mindset towards his wife he was able to grow in the same house & bring peace in the family. iNtegra Marriage counseling helped husband understand the need for letting the wife to focus on her career because she has been a financial pillar for family, she grew her career & focused on family happiness through #counselling.

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