Pre-marital counseling involves testing needs & expectations now & what will be after marriage.

iNtegra offers pre-marriage preparation classes for soon to be married couples. Relationship counselling to two people who are already in a relationship but don’t have a name for the connection yet and more.

iNtegra Premarital or Relationship counselling offers a safe and confidential environment where individuals and couples can explore their relationship concerns with an experienced, professional iNtegra counselor. By helping you to identify the roots of your difficulties, iNtegra counselling in Relationship-counselling brings clarity and facilitates positive change & a strong foundation for marriage.

The pre-marriage counselling session can help you clear some of the fears :

  • She/he will always struggle within himself with the choice he makes when he puts me first
  • Will we ever be an adult and mature couple that has a sophisticated lifestyle? Or we will be borne down by family obligations and duties.
  • We will never travel for fun or because we want to explore new things together.
  • He/She will never be okay within himself living away from his parents


Do you know what you want in would be spouse?