When one spouse is not interested in planning a family or having a baby

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Case study : Spouse is busy in career & doesn’t want to have a baby.
Sometimes both couples are busy in their respective careers & living a stressful life due to job pressure so having a child will be the last thing they are thinking of. Parents from both sides keep on asking the couple that when are you giving us the good news.

One spouse may be putting off the decision to have the child right now due to fear of extreme anxiety throughout the nine months of pregnancy. One spouse may be still not sure about this marriage so keeps on avoiding the decision. Just a thought what if we separated then who will have the child & what will be the impact of separated couple on the child.

Marriage counselor in Gurgaon our team has seen the number of cases where one partner or their parents push the couple to plan to have the child so someone is ready to take over their business soon.

There can be number of factors when one spouse is ready ::
What if one partner becomes content with life & is able to foresee the future & necessity of having a baby.
Parents keep asking the wife about the grandchildren.
Socially everyone asks, so how many kids you have & couples feel like something may be missing.
When relationship in marriage not that strong & one of the spouse feels having a child can increase the intimacy & trust in the marriage.
One partner removes the fear of financial insecurity & desire of a bigger house before they have a child.
One partner feels by the biological clock or emotionally they are not ready yet but the partner is eager for the child so they give in.

A marriage counselor can help you understand what’s at stake, and really make them responsible for their decision and its consequences. Meet a Marriage counsellor in Delhi or Gurgaon & clear your fears to live a joyful life.