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Are you #feeling Depressed in marriage or #depression due to marriage? #Marriage #counselling can help you recover from #Depression. Is Your Marriage Making You Depressed? Or you feel What to Do with a Depressed Spouse. Constant fights arguments can make feel left out from the couple bond if your spouse is depressed then marriage feels like walking on eggshells every day because you are not when something else will blow the peace of marriage again.

The marriage counselor in Delhi and Gurgaon can help you find the cause of the conflicts to bring peace and harmony back into your marriage.

Feelings & behaviors to watch while coping with depression
Does your #emotions change very quickly, and you experience intense episodes of #sadness, irritability, and #anxiety or panic attacks? Your level of anger can soon become inappropriate, and passionate like leaving the #family & start all over again by yourself.
Do you often suffer from chronic feelings of #emptiness and boredom?
Do you engage in two or more self-damaging acts such as excessive spending, leaving #home away to somewhere, breaking #relationship with caregivers, unsafe and inappropriate sexual conduct, sleeping most of the time, feeling tired after little hours, substance #abuse, reckless driving, or binge eating?
When upset, do you engage in repetitive #suicidal behaviors, gestures, threats, or self-injurious behavior such as cutting, locking yourself in the room & just sleeping or #depressed, crying, #depressing, burning or hitting yourself?
Do you have a significant and persistently unstable image or sense of yourself, or of who you are or in what you truly believe? #Separation or #Divorce from #spouse is the solution you keep on thinking of #marriage or #relationship?
Do you worry about what others think of you, or I have suspicious ideas or can become #paranoid (believe that others are planning to harm you); or experience episodes under stress when you feel that you, other people or the situation is somewhat unreal?
Do you engage in frantic efforts to avoid abandonment by people who are close to you and on whom you depend?
Are your relationships (#spouse / #partner) are intense, unstable, and alternate between the extremes of over-idealizing and undervaluing them?
Are you “too shy” or “too sensitive” according to others?
Do you feel the problem is not your fault?
Feelings of worthless within yourself?
Do you avoid contacting others?
Do you feel people will abandon you?
Feelings #emotional emptiness?
Does your #spouse label you as #hypersensitive?
At moments you feel so smart. But the majority of the time you feel inadequate?
Do you often feel your marriage or relationship is ending or should end?
You know you are a good looking person & are successful in the career or can be very good at what you do but feel empty #lonely within.
Do you have the reckless sex life but constantly feel #emotional #emptiness.
You believe your partner is cheating?
Feels like You love your #spouse but you are not in #love?
You don’t want anything having to do with opposite sex sexually.
Do you have a keen imagination and vivid dreams?
Do noise and confusion quickly overwhelm you?
Is your relationship in Push-Pull cycle & complicated.
The repetitive cycle of feelings episodes of love, fear, abandonment, dissociation, object constancy, splitting, etc.
Are afraid of that vulnerability, needing to escape due to fear of being hurt, fearing the loss.

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