Love is not a blueprint proposition, but generally one can form a general idea of the individual that will suit him/her. Of course, we are not referring to such trivialities which teen hearts think of “ tall, dark and handsome’ but instead to how much premium you place on such factors as these :

  • Appearance
  • Educations
  • Family background
  • Health and vigor
  • Intelligence
  • Occupation and success in it
  • Personality
  • Religious and political affiliation
  • Residence
  • Special hobbies and interests
  • Special skills and experience

Some of these traits may be inconsequential to you others may be of paramount importance. All of them make a difference may be a constant source of annoyance. Religion often makes much more of a difference and may become a crucial issue especially in inter-caste marriages. iNtegra Marriage counselor in Delhi & Gurgaon is approached by soon to be married couples or by two people in love who are thinking to settle down for pre-marital counseling so they can have long lasting happy marriage.

If a girl, have your respect for your suitor’s vocation and the duties that go with it? If he is or plans to become a doctor, will it bother you unduly to cancel at the last minute plans for a social evening when an emergency case comes up? If so, you’d better look for a businessperson with more predictable hours. If he is a teacher and your father a hard-headed businessman will it always be in the back of your mind that your husband is an impractical theoretician? If he is a public servant and has evening meetings two or three nights a week, are you self-reliant enough to take care of yourself alone or with friends of your choosing? If he is fond of outdoor activities and you have done your ‘ roughing’ on concrete roads or deluxe hotels, will you either adapt or let him go by himself?
Remember marriage never reforms or changes an individual’s fundamental outlook on life. One must adapt or plan separate activities in some ways. Your outdoor loving husband will compromise with you and take you to some shows in the city, but his two-week vacation requires that half of that time is spent as he likes and desires for his rest and relaxation. This may sound unfair for the woman but in our society, his job determines where you will live, many of your friends, your kind of entertainment, hours you keep and the social circle you move in.
The emphasis on mate matching is on suitability and not on mere excellence.