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Pre-marital Counsellor delhi – Best Pre Marriage advice- 11 Questions to ask before

Premarriage Counseling

Pre-marital Counselling is the best step you will take for your life ahead before saying yes I do or saying Yes I will marry you. Get to Know what personality your life partner is. How & what impact it will have in your life ahead. Everyone has a different character and we do things differently, but it’s hard when you have to change your personality for someone else’s demands.

The person you are about to be married to or thinking of a proposal for commitment is the right person or not depends on what you both will be expecting from each other.
There can be conflicts even before the marriage like :
Are you marrying for the right reasons?
How is the communication between the two of you?
Are you ready to adjust to the new family?
Will you be working after the marriage or what plans do you have after the wedding maybe you want to move to a different location. How does the partner feels about these expectations which are practical of life?
In India, if you are the single child, then you would want to take care of your parents as they get old. Are you and your partner ok with you to support your family after marriage?
How long have you known your partner or met? Was this a meeting in front of parents only or have to speak to each other and get to know each other?
Are you having second thoughts about this marriage?
When you committed did you committed after going through your & partners personality?
Do you have some secret of your life you are afraid of sharing with the partner because you feel partner will judge you?
Do you fight sometimes or argue what is the problem skills of both as the partner.
Are your values the same as your partner?
How is communication between the two of you? Are you looking for the validation from the partner most of the time?
Are you ready to settle down?
What is the voice in your head is telling you about this relationship?
Do you hate to compromise but here you feel you are compromising with your life itself. How long a relationship will last based on compromise.
Are you marrying because all your friends are married and don’t want to be left alone?
Do you see some flaws in the partner now but feel you will able to change them after marriage?

How Pre-marital Counselling helps?

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