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Marriage Separation counseling

Marriage Separation counseling

Marriage Separation counseling is about how you can make the best out of separation for yourself & save the marriage if possible. You don’t know how your partner feels after separation which was a hard decision for you & you are not able to accept this till now. It may feel like you are a becoming person who can’t endure pain or hardship and desperate need to express their feelings or want the partner to take the responsibility of not fixing things.

Actual feelings of a person who separated:

You may feel like I’m so empty inside after separation. You may feel like whatever you think is the exact opposite of being stoic. All of the emotions inside of you negate one another. They are so drastic, some so raging, and so different that the combination of them all don’t allow you to feel or do anything. You might experience contradicting emotions, all at the same time. You may be loving and hating, all in the same breath. You may be quitting and persevering all in the same thought. You can experience you are living and dying all in the same encounter.

  • What will become of you?
  • What will happen to you?
  • Will I perish under their persuasion?

You are so lost in this sea of emotions; you are not sure who is saying what, between your thoughts.

Marriage Separation Feels like Disappointment

The people around me, everyone it seems, are not genuine with me. You look into their face, and you are confident they are thinking many things that are not being said. You look at your parents, and you feel they are thinking disappointing thoughts. You look at your spouse, and you think they are unsure if the spouse wants to be here with you. Too many people are taking withdrawals from you, and not enough is putting something in.

And you have no outlet. Who can you talk to? Spouse is also critical and generates tender feelings for you in your anguish, which partner mistakes for true love. You can’t speak to the partner, because you feel you would surely seal your fate without your spouse’s permission.

If Spouse is Dating during separation

You may visualize spouse cares for another person, loves another person, so spouse protects another person and their feelings, the way you wish your partner would care for you. You can’t share this atrocious love triangle with anyone, too complicated, too embarrassing. You can’t speak to your spouse, not anymore.

There are so many feelings that are not addressed. Too dangerous, like a landmine field. So you will stay here, inside yourself, where there’s blankness. “What will happen to me?” You keep wondering.

Are you Just Separated? Now What?

Spouse has not answered back yet. You wonder what partner is thinking, about you, your life, your marriage. All you can do is survive one day at a time when things seem ok. Today, you must survive one minute at a time. You don’t know what to expect. You don’t know what new disappointment is lurking around the corner. The day before yesterday, your spouse admitted he wanted to have sex with others. Yesterday partner said they had a strong love for you. Today they said nothing at all. You feel like you are the epitome of blankness.

You are in a lost state. It feels like you are drowning in your life today. And so, today, you feel empty. You are so lost in this sea of blankness that you are not sure you will know what it is like to be fulfilled again. It feels you are a far cry from the happy nirvana state you thought you were in, only a few days ago when you were together.

If you feel above feelings, you can get help through Marriage Separation Counseling. Fix this with expert discernment counselors who specialize in Marriage Separation Counseling.

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