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Marriage Counselling sessions are confidential. The counseling therapy focuses on your marital issues. Couples with the help of counselor can do better communication which leads to insights and decisions for happy marital life.

Are you fighting for your needs to be acknowledged by your partner?

Counselling can help you to resolve these conflicts in marriage: Areas of conflicts that partners in the marriage will have dealt with will generally include

  • Personality differences, Compatibility: If years after the marriage you are still not able to create some common interests. What makes you happy is too different from the spouse happiness.
  • Lifestyle expectations: If one spouse is busy in self-life. Spouse doesn’t want to improve the quality of life together with you. He/she has different upbringing & goals are different.
  • Communication styles: When you are not able to talk to resolve due to ego clashes. From years your Feelings are hurt inside because issues have not been resolved as talking about them leads to fights. Check the language in marriage, are you communicating this way. Marriage Counselor in Gurgaon
  • Friends and interests: Spouse too busy in their own friends /family. You feel alone in the marriage.
  • Role Expectations: When you feel you are doing a lot without support from your spouse. When husband and wife have compatible ideas about duties and responsibilities in the marriage and household chores, there will be greater marital harmony.
  • Family backgrounds: If the family is interfering, cultural rituals, orthodox views, possessive about details or issues with parents are reasons for arguments between the couple. Instead of support you feel criticized by iNlaws.
  • Beliefs about parenting, money etc.

You can book an appointment to meet the counselor & talk in person. Call iNtegra Marriage Counsellor in Delhi & Gurgaon to have a confidential talk @Phone: 98-1118-1117

Counselling helps in keeping or ending the relationship. iNtegra counselors also help you in acquiring skills to improve communication, handle conflicts and develop better personal relationships. Counselling helps you to gain insight into your marriage/relationship and understanding of your own, and your partner’s, contribution to the situation.

Marriage counselling is a process where a neutral third-party helping you focus on the emotional dynamics of relationships and marriage stability within a family unit. Counsellor assists couples to deal with the stresses they encounter as they move into life within or move out of that family unit.

When staying in marriage probably feels like a job and a burden to deal with is a sign you need help to improve the happiness in marriage. Counselling can lead you to a clear sense of yourselves as a person in a family unit. New understanding through couple counselling forms the basis of your future happy life together. Marriage counselling Session are designed to draw out shared values, ideals, expectations and any issues that may need attention.

You should meet iNtegra if your marriage unhappiness has some of these reasons or more

  • If there are compatibility issues in addition to communication issues. Incompatible goals, values or dreams.
  • Are you Feeling badly treated by the partner ?
  • Repeating destructive relationship patterns. Spouse is not listening to your heart & intention to save the marriage.
  • Feel hurt due to Infidelity by you or spouse.
  • The Sense of something missing/lost in the relationship.
  • Lack of communication with the partner, being in shell or domination.
  • Escalating arguments/ circular arguments.
  • Loss of intimacy and sexual desire.
  • Inlaws interference or they lost love for you or you lost respect for them. Husband influenced by iNlaws.
  • Being too practical or too emotional.
  • Learn the reasons behind your conflicts / fights & how easy is it to resolve those conflicts.
  • How to stop fighting & resolve conflicts.
  • Re-Thinking about marriage & want to give it a chance to see if it can survive.

Anyone can give up; it is the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone would expect you to fall apart, now that is the true strength. Couples counselor at iNtegra listen non-judgmentally & help you explore the areas you both or individually can do better to live in a joyful marriage. Yes, behaviours can be changed if you are willing to listen & work on that.

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If you feel you need a happier marriage, then take a step now for counselling. Your details are confidential & safe with us.
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With decades of experience, the team at iNtegra is comprised of professionals who specialize in all areas of counseling and psychotherapy. iNtegra Marriage counselling Center is in DLF phase 2 Gurgaon. iNtegra marriage counselling in Delhi is in Hauz Khas, South Delhi is built upon a strong foundation of service – providing counseling for married couples, & families. The counselors and therapists at iNtegra can help you find fulfillment, connection, serenity and harmony in your life and relationships.
iNtegra specializes in marriage counselling in Delhi Gurgaon & Noida.

Marriage Counselor will guide you through a discussion of your especially relevant feelings, experiences and consequently your options to enhance the happiness in marriage. Marriage Counselling can also help you with the better understanding of family tensions and struggles where each member has their different needs and positions.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin

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