Infidelity Recovery Counseling is for couples who are having arguments about an extra person in life, or extra-marital suspicion has become an issue.

Probably one spouse sees unusual behavior. One spouse is on blackberry while hiding it or on WhatsApp messenger & deletes the history. If the spouse is on the phone late nights for hours. It’s not necessarily he or she is having an affair, but if a spouse has confessed to emotional feelings towards another person, then you should meet iNtegra Counsellors as a couple or individually.Infidelity-cheating-counselling-delhi-gurgaon

If you think your spouse is cheating on you then, there is no point in physically abusing, the abuse or hurting yourself. Look for the cause of unhappiness or the spouse being distant from you. Most of the time Cheating doesn’t happen overnight; there was the lack of love in marriage then there was a lack of communication then there was resentment in the heart that spouse doesn’t care. A broken heart, half filled heart finds someone who fulfills the desired whole space in the center makes the susceptible affair spouse have an affair. No one goes out to have a relationship; it’s the circumstances, the time, the expectation which makes the affair boom. If you cheat on someone who is willing to do anything for you, you cheated yourself out of pure loyalty.

Usually if confronted, a spouse will share the affair & admit to it, but the blame is on the other spouse that you are responsible for my relationship, as I was not getting much of the attention from you. Is this the truth? An affair is a choice. Sometimes some spouse forgives the spouse due to kids or social pressure or due to financial reasons so they can save the marriage, but are these reasons are the reason that the union can last and will they ever change.
There is a difference in privacy & secrecy. Private stuff you share with your spouse, but if you are keeping secrets from spouse then are they worth keeping secrets. When a spouse is hiding something or not sharing their thoughts or emotions, eventually sooner or later there will be distance created in both. One spouse may feel neglected whereas other spouses feel rejected because there is no response. Noncommunication, hiding, lies, anger, ego, low self-esteem, etc.. comes in the couple’s life. If not communicated on time eventually this becomes a marriage breaker. So get help now.

All information is kept confidential; you may feel free to share your experience onsite if you like afterward.