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Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling helps you to create an environment at where each spouse feels special in marriage.

What used to be marriage & What is marriage now. If the meaning of marriage has changed in the relationship then you should learn iNtegra approach for marriage.

Do you feel like this :

I don’t believe in marriages , I believe in companionship . If like to share your life and enjoy the journey of life with someone special . You choose them as your partner and start walking together . Directions can differ but destination is the same . I would say Marriage is society driven and defined relationship to give legal name to a companionship of two individuals . It puts conditions and defines the roles and responsibilities of our society , however I believe in partnership or companionship you cant limit or condition your roles or contribution.

But is your spouse feeling your above statements ? or you have something else to say then meet a counselor & find out first what’s stopping you to live joyfully in this marriage.

Maybe your spouse is feeling like this : Roles and Responsibilities are to be felt ,accepted ,acknowledged , shared and not defined. Times have changed when people used to be dependent on each other for certain deeds. In today’s world it is more of an ownership you take to drive certain things and initiative you take to share the responsibilities .