Remarriage counselling by iNtegra Marriage Counselors

Remarriage counseling helps the couple to deal with challenges couples face in second marriage.

Comparison with the first spouse or expecting more from the second spouse are common challenges faced in remarriage.

Second marriage doesn’t always mean you will be able to manage this marriage or keep a happy marriage. There are possibilities that you may not have understood the expectation of your spouse or spouse does not understand your needs.

You or your partner may have kids from first marriage; sometimes it becomes the challenge to accept the kids from someone else as your kids. If you have kids from your first marriage then someday someone might compare how you treat your child & stepchild. It’s challenging but not impossible if you can keep your heart clear from judgment & willing to give them a fair chance to accept you as their parent also.
#ReMarriage #counselling helps to bring each partner needs to the surface (at times, people are not in touch with what their needs are), teach your partner about these needs, dissolve past pain, and work towards an emotionally strong & happy marriage. #ReMarriage #counselor guides both of you in the areas of communication skills, #forgiveness, financial issues, conflict resolution, and men’s and women’s needs to #feel loved.
#Re-Marriage #counselor enjoy working with couples as they achieve the life enhancement they are seeking.
Your spouse may have moved on after #separation or #divorce but if you are stuck in pain, hurt or hoping to get back or starting a relationship because you feel lonely are all signs that you need counseling to take your own emotions & feelings in control.

Most couples start dating or get into a committed relationship or #remarry before they are #emotionally & #spiritually ready. What is required before you go into the new relationship :
Are you still grieving losses?
Have to let go of the past completely.
Have you resolved #emotional wounds & identified your unhealthy #relationship patterns from the past.

You must make a Commitment to yourself that not to #remarry until you have worked through these issues.

Understand what you did wrong in the first marriage and be aware that you need to fix that behavior in you. You were not perfect, even if you were only at fault for 10% of the problems in your first marriage. You need to spend 100 percent of your time fixing that 10 percent. Whatever dysfunction you had in the first marriage will not magically disappear in your #second marriage. Negative patterns and behaviors have a way of repeating themselves. Your new alliance will have its own set of issues, so please do not bring in old topics.

You should discuss with remarriage counselor if In your Previous Marriage or relationship you had faced any of the issues listed below :

  • The rudeness of spouse towards your feelings or expectations.
  • Influence of friends or siblings in your marriage.
  • Living a single life instead of taking responsibility of marriage, family or home as a partner in home.
  • Disappointed with the spouse due to emotional or compatibility issues.
  • Shouting during communication with the spouse.
  • Fights due to financial insecurity. Your money my money, I am not wasting your money, it’s my money which I earn.
  • Fear of losing marriage on daily chores arguments.
  • The luxurious lifestyle where one spouse feels they are in survival mode.
  • Wedding anniversaries day or birthdays were spoiled due to fights over why & how to spend the day.
  • What is needed in-house as utility or decoration?
  • Fighting over raising kid, parenting dispute.
  • Fights due to work pressure
  • The issue before a holiday, vacation.
  • Typical husband-wife arguments turn ego wars.
  • Feel spouse creates propaganda to publicly humiliated in front of family members.
  • Feel spouse giving priority to their parents & not responsible or caring towards inlaws.
  • Do you feel you are making one-sided efforts to create a happy marriage?
  • Sideline friends or family members due to the spouse not liking them.
  • Missed lunch dinners because not feeling hungry due to the turmoil of fights.
  • Feel how could you have married your spouse.
  • Feel lonely when spouse away on the official trip, keep asking yourself what have I done wrong that before going we couldn’t resolve our conflict & issue kept dragging.
  • Loose appointments/ meetings or family engagements so you can spend time with the spouse.
  • Not in touch with feelings of spouse, that’s how you feel, or that’s what your spouse says during fights.
  • Keep waiting for that one call from the spouse when the spouse will say sorry.
  • Freedom in the name of doing a job or studying but instead just adjusting to breaking the marriage & live independent life so can start a new life with someone different than you.
  • All those tries to save your marriage happiness at any cost.
  • Betrayed by the spouse because spouse expectations weren’t met by you or your expectations not met by the spouse.

Couples tend to not learn from their mistake from the previous marriage. Most individuals, for example, learn nothing from their #divorce and are therefore primed to enter a #relationship without a clue as to why their last #relationship or #marriage failed. They seldom develop any new skill insights, so they are destined to repeat the same behaviors or choose the same type of partners over and over. If you were the caregiver in the previous marriage again, you would find the same kind of spouse who needs to rescue from all the emotional trauma that person is going through & you will be supporting them by leaving your self if this is what you have done in first marriage. Let your love feel the love of spouse through counseling.

It’s easier to fall in love with anyone coming in life after divorce because that loneliness in the heart has been killing you inside. That emptiness gap you want to fulfill immediately, but after the initial excitement of being in love wears off, you will find yourself longing for intimacy that you can see only with someone whose life is not as of your first marriage. When your life is rooted in the present & learning through counselling the mistakes of past, you have a whole different purpose for living, and suddenly you find yourself joy & happiness in the second marriage.

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