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Divorce can be traumatic & an emotional incident in life for one or both people. Divorce means you are breaking up your home you may have built, breaking up the ties with relations you had built over the years with spouse’s family. Hurt & pain can be felt if it’s not on mutual terms because there will be settlement process. In some cases there are allegations which may not be real, you are being accused because they feel you are responsible for divorce or have done wrong to them or to fulfill their ego.

Loss of kids, if you have kids & fear that spouse may not let you meet with your kids.

All of the above factors make divorce a traumatic experience, especially thinking about the ex-partner that the other spouse may be looking towards a new life with someone else & they may have started their relationship with another person whereas you are feeling the pain of loss, or still want to save your marriage.

If you have kids, iNtegra marriage counselors offer an alternative option to divorce or separation. While some marriages simply don’t work, an equal number suffer from misunderstandings, lack of communication, lack of trust and other obstacles; if you have children, these problems are compounded.
Marriage counselor can help you to see :
1) if you can save your marriage.
2) how to handle questions, concerns, and problems your children may have.

iNtegra is practiced by experienced counselors who specializes in couples counseling and marriage therapy. iNtegra qualifies the counselors as iNtegra counselors after hard training & successfully handling of thousands of marital cases.

iNtegra counsellors have worked with a wide range of people and their relationship issues. iNtegra counsellor listens empathetically, helps you hear your spouse & issue then allows you to come to your own conclusions. iNtegra MARRIAGE Therapy can help you understand more about yourself and your relationships. The aim of this relationship , marriage counselling session is to explore problems and conflicts in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment.