iNtegra Divorce Counselor helps you to learn to deal with Divorce process in Divorce counseling. Divorce can be a traumatic & an emotional stage in life for one or both people. No matter who wants the divorce you can be the receiver of the decision or deciding to end the relationship. It can be emotional chaos, a traumatic stage filled with contradictory emotions. Separation means you are breaking up your home you may have built, breaking up the ties with relations you had developed over the years within the families also.

If separation is not mutually decided then one spouse can feel pain & hurt. Ahead will be arguments in the settlement process. In some cases, you will feel you are accused, are allegations which may not seem real. Both may perceive each other is responsible for divorce or have done wrong to them or to fulfill their ego.

Divorce Counselling for Emotional control

If you have kids & fear that spouse may not let you meet with your kids. Thinking of divorce may give you a feeling of anticipation with great apprehension that how the partner will respond to your demand of separation. The initiator may feel relief from the pain agony or restrictions you may have been feeling during the marriage. Some may have an extreme sad feeling of losing family or a distance from someone you loved. Due to stigma or internal response impatience & resentment may arise. Discussion of divorce is not agreed or not discussed with the spouse, then Self Doubts about the decision can be felt by the initiator. If you are having an extramarital affair or you know you are at fault in not fixing the marriage, then guilt feelings may also occur.

Likewise, when you are not the one who has initiated the divorce, then you may feel shocked how your partner has betrayed you. You may feel victim & loss of control. Surely a thought of failure in marriage may decrease self-esteem.  Not sure what will you do without your spouse, so insecurity begins.  If the spouse is not giving a reason which is beyond your control then built up anger may burst out numerous times. You may not want to provide the partner with the divorce or may feel revenge so you can get even with the partner in ego fight. You may also be having intense feelings to reconcile & start fresh by amending the wrongdoings or sacrificing your own needs & expectations of marriage.

All of the above factors make divorce a traumatic experience, especially thinking about the partner who will become ex-partner that the spouse may be looking towards a new life with someone else. Thoughts keep coming that they may have started their relationship with another person whereas you are feeling the pain of loss, or still want to save your marriage.

If you have kids, iNtegra marriage counselors offer an alternative option to divorce or separation. While some marriages don’t work, an equal number suffer from

  • Misunderstanding
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of trust and other obstacles.

If you have children, these problems may compound.

iNtegra Divorce & Marriage counselor can help you to see :
1) if you can save your marriage.
2) how to handle questions, concerns, and problems your children may have.

3) During your divorce process, iNtegra Divorce counselors are focussed on helping you manage this moment. One of you decided to divorce because of unhappiness. Due to an unhappy marriage, you may have already gone through a lot & in pain already when you can’t accept the union as it is & now you are not sure what to do maybe not sure if you want to divorce or not. But it’s possible you may not want to work on the marriage because it seems like hard work. Maybe you want to leave the relationship as it is instead of working in couples therapy to fix the marriage.

4) Because one of the partners has decided to Divorce, You can get help & learn to deal with their choice. iNtegra Divorce counseling is highly focused with one purpose to help you start communicating with each other effectively & ease the phase of Divorce. It’s hard to stay together in marriage as a couple. It’s also hard to end the relationship due to social stigma, family pressure or may be due to children.

5) Whether you have started the divorce process or not maybe you have filed the first petition & you are not getting a positive response from the spouse. You still want to end the pain and accept what the crystal clear picture on the status of your marriage is.  Maybe partner is not willing to work on the marriage but agrees to smooth divorce process. See the iNtegra Divorce Counselor.

6) You don’t have to change the mind of the partner to Divorce or not but make a request for a Divorce counseling for the peaceful divorce.

iNtegra is practiced by experienced counselors who specializes in couples counseling and marriage therapy. iNtegra qualifies the counselors as iNtegra counselors after hard training & successfully handling of thousands of marital cases.

iNtegra counselors have worked with a wide range of people and their relationship issues. iNtegra counselor listens empathetically, helps you hear your spouse & spouse hear you out, then allow you both to come to your conclusions. Marriage Therapy by iNtegra can help you understand more about yourself and your relationships. The aim of this relationship, marriage counseling session is to explore problems and conflicts in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment. iNtegra Divorce therapy is very focused on breaking the ice of Divorce so you both can communicate to an agreement to do what is best for both of you & your kids.